Minimalist logistics for maximum performance

Monk's Depot – your reliable partner in the world of freight forwarding and warehousing services. We not only understand business logic, we base our activity on it. That is why we are committed to providing only what you require, at the right price for your requirements, and nothing more.

Monk's Depot freight forwarding and warehousing principles are based on professional teamwork, with the goal of fully satisfying all your logistics needs. Our freight forwarders ensure the safe journey of cargo from door to door throughout Europe on time, while arranging the documentation to accompany the cargo and taking care of all customs procedures. Warehouse workers perform loading works and take responsibility for perfect cargo storage, repacking, sorting and balance accounting.

Our team of professionals is available to answer all your questions. Contact us today and discover how to achieve maximum performance through minimalist logistics.


Choose Monk's Depot freight forwarding services and give your business Monk's peace of mind in the freight process. Our professional team will take care of your cargo from the beginning to the end of the journey, ensuring a smooth and safe delivery across Europe.

Cargo transportation: We organize cargo transportation by road and railway freight transport. We choose the optimal route, thus ensuring that your cargo reaches its destination on time at the lowest possible costs. We can arrange the transportation of all types of cargo: raw materials, semi-finished products, temperature-sensitive items, bulk shipments, etc. The minimum amount of transported cargo is a full cargo that fills the entire container (22-24 tons).

Cargo documents and customs: Our team arranges all documentation accompanying the cargo and manages all customs procedures. You don’t need to waste your time and energy on these formalities - we will do it for you!

Safety and reliability: We understand that cargo is more than a commodity – it also represents the image of your business. Therefore, we take special care to ensure the safety of the cargo and its timely delivery. Each stage of cargo transportation is carefully planned and consistently monitored, and we are prepared to make significant adjustments if necessary, so we can guarantee that your cargo will arrive at its destination on time. Our managers have constant access to the platform, so you can easily and conveniently track the status of the cargo.

We understand all the risk factors associated with freight transport, so we have freight forwarders' liability insurance to counteract all these risks and we always make sure that the carrier is covered by CMR insurance.

To order our services, simply contact the manager and explain your requirements. With Monk's Depot, you can be assured of efficient, timely service – once the terms and conditions are agreed, the order starts processing immediately.

For your convenience, we are also available on the online platforms www.trans.eu, www.timocom.com and www.cargo.lt.

By choosing Monk's Depot, you choose a reliable shipping partner that will give your business Monk's peace of mind.


The slogan „It's Basic, But It's All You Need“ perfectly reflects our warehousing philosophy: we offer basic warehousing services for non-essential products at a cost-effective price – only what you need and nothing more.

Monk's Depot will manage the safe efficient warehousing of your goods. Our warehouse is designed for all cargo that is not sensitive to temperature changes. A large warehouse space can even accommodate oversized cargo.

Place of warehouse: the warehouse of Monk's Depot is located in Panevėžys, in a geographical position that is logistically favorable, as it is located close to the most important transport lines, ensuring fast efficient solutions for cargo transportation.

Rail access: Our warehouse has direct rail access, ensuring efficient organization and optimization of cargo movement.

By choosing Monk's Depot warehousing services, you will receive:

  • A large warehouse space that enables you to accept oversized cargo., that enables you to accept oversized cargo.
  • The option of renting workplaces in the office..
  • Security. The warehouse has reliable security systems installed to protect against the loss or damage of goods. We are also covered by civil liability insurance for possible violations during warehousing.
  • Low costs. We strive for cost-effective solutions, so our Back-to-basics specialization is specifically designed so we can consistently offer low storage costs for non-essential products.
  • Full package of services. The experienced warehouse staff of Monk's Depot's will manage the loading, storage, repacking, sorting, weighing works, balance accounting and completion of documents, and will also provide cross-checking works of cargo quality and quantity.
  • Simple ordering of services. To order services, simply contact us and express your needs.


At Monk's Depot, we take care of your cargo as if it’s our own!

If you are looking for a reliable warehousing partner, Monk's Depot is your top choice. Contact us today to learn more about this simple and efficient warehousing solution that will consistently benefit your business.