The business philosophy of Monk's Depot's is based on a highly-disciplined and ascetic logistics policy. Rather than following logistical trends, and redundant solutions, we consistently strive for efficiency, saving both time and money for our clients. With Back-to-basics specialization, Monk's Depot offers only what you need in a cost-effective structure. Monk's Depot is monastically simple, technologically savvy, and highly experienced.

Monk's Depot – the member of REDAL Group
REDAL Group unites three strong companies that are growing successfully and operating profitably: REDAL, Cupernican and Monk's Depot. Within the group, these companies
manage and develop a company of logistics services, and biofuel trade and production. All business activities are based on a system of values and conducted in accordance with the highest ethical standards.
Working for a long-term relationship rather than for short-term gain is not merely a slogan, it is the true mission of REDAL Group.

The concept of Monk's Depot originated through the activities of Redal UAB, which was founded in 2009. Having a secured an exclusive network of partners and a competitive logistics system, REDAL was able to create the most efficient door-to-door product path, and the self-managed warehouse enables us to refine the cost-reducing warehousing concept. From here, we have combined the experience of both warehousing and freight forwarding, so we can confidently provide you with time-tested, experience-based and financially efficient services. Contact us today and discover the maximum performance of minimalist logistics!

By choosing Monk's Depot,
you choose a reliable logistics
team for a long-term partnership based on
values and experience.

Why is it worthy to choose

Slide Individual approach:

Safety and reliability:

Professionalism and quality:
Customer care:

Minimalism and efficiency:

We strive to understand your
needs, answer all your
questions and offer you
comprehensive support.

We aim to save you time and money,
so we adhere to the principle of minimalist
logistics for maximum

We offer a simple service
ordering mechanism followed by
fast execution to prevent
any time loss.

Our team is made up of
professional and experienced specialists
who understand your logistics needs and
strive to ensure the high quality of services.
In our activity, we rely on many years of
practical experience of companies
(know-how). And we strive for long-term
cooperation with each of
our clients.
We care about the reputation of
your business as well as our own,
so we treat your cargo like our own.
We carefully plan, monitor and, if necessary,
adjust each step of the process
to achieve guaranteed results.
We understand that every
client is unique, so
we offer individual services
tailored to your
specific needs.

Monk's Depot is more than a name, it is a mark of quality. Contact us today and entrust your logistic challenges to us!